Remember back in your school days when the teacher would allow you to use a notecard during your test? You’d write down everything you could on that little 3×5. You may have aced the exam, but did you really learn anything?

The purpose of level 3 assessments is to ensure that your new sales rep is credible & confident in real life (IRL) situations. Do they get to use aids IRL? Then by all means, allow them that opportunity during the assessment, but nobody is going to pull out a 3×5 notecard when speaking to a physician (or at least we hope not!).

In this week’s episode, Liz & Rachel discuss this all important question: when is it appropriate to use notes or handouts and when is it not? We want learners who use their notes as practice tools to develop their confidence instead of those who use them as a crutch to pass a test.

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Next month, we are focusing on Teaching Modalities! See you next week!

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