Cumby Consulting creates opportunities for disruptive medical device companies to bring new lifesaving and/or life-enhancing solutions safely to the world by creating focused, strategic, and efficient training programs.


sales training program - woman raising hand to ask a question in full classroom and male instructor calling on herSales Training

We develop new hire and continuing education programs that align your clinical and sales training objectives with overall corporate and revenue goals.

Two surgeons in an operating room with three other medical team membersPhysician Education

We ensure physicians and staff are well trained on using your product to deliver consistently positive patient outcomes.

Three female doctors talking to a lecture hall full of peersFaculty Development

We create an effective strategy to drive market adoption of new technologies by independently coaching and developing key opinion leaders and physician educators.

female doctor looking at iPad with augmented reality photoshopped graphic of Skelton and DNA strandClinical Trial Education

We partner with your clinical and medical affairs teams to develop a comprehensive education program centered around your trial protocol.

Repeatable & Scalable Programs

Creating repeatable and scalable sales, physician, and clinical education programs that deliver real results for our clients. It’s what we’re all about.

Asynchronus eLearning icon - line icon of person with a computer

Asynchronous eLearning

Interactive, self-paced, trackable SCORM-compliant courses

Virtual training icon - line icon of a computer with a speaker and speech bubble

Virtual Training

Engaging, interactive webinars & virtual classroom training

Classroom facilitation icon - line icon of person in front of presentation board with chart

Classroom Facilitation

Diverse selection of interactive activities to increase engagement & retention

Train the trainer icon - line icon of person standing on platform arms raised


Program to empower current employees to train & mentor others

Certification Assessments icon - line icon of certificate with ribbon

Certification Assessments

Measurable standards assessments to ensure qualified reps

LMS implementation icon - line icon of computer with data and smiling face

LMS Implementation

Trackable & measurable programs using a Learning Management System

Our Experience Spans the Body

Chart of 33 Cumby Consulting clients organized by area of the body they specialize in serving medically.

Client Case Studies

From large to small, established to start-up, our clients span the MedTech space and can be found in every specialty area. Take a look at these real client case studies to see how we worked with each individual client to meet their overall objective.

Clinical & Sales Training

Clinical & Sales Training

CASE STUDY: A scalable & phased training program

Mentorship Program

Mentorship Program

CASE STUDY: Roles & responsibilities for mentoring global new hires

Virtual Training

Virtual Training

CASE STUDY: Nationwide training on a new labeling indication

Sales Team Onboarding

Sales Team Onboarding

CASE STUDY: Simplified onboarding process

Physician Education

Physician Education

CASE STUDY: Education to move physicians & staff along product adoption curve

New Sales Rep Training

New Sales Rep Training

CASE STUDY: eLearning & live training for higher retention

Let's just make an elearning module for that - white rounded rectangle background with blue text and blue shadow

We often hear that eLearning is the go-to solution to the training problem, but an eLearning module isn’t always the best solution. Take this short quiz to identify if eLearning is the best modality for your current training need or if there is another method that will work better.

No matter what the modality, we’d love to partner with you to develop strategic training that meets your needs.