Working with consultants can save you time, energy, and money, or it can cost you more time, energy, and money. Choosing the right consultant to work with and setting clear expectations for how to work together can save you a lot of headaches and resources. In this episode, Liz and Rachel discuss how Cumby Consulting is more than a “vendor” and what they do to get to know their clients on a personal and professional level. Tune in to hear best practices for establishing a working agreement with your consultants to ensure the project is completed on time, on budget, and to your standards.

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Cumby Consulting’s team of professionals deliver innovative MedTech training services for physicians, sales representatives, teaching faculty, key opinion leaders and clinical development teams. Whether you need a complete training system developed to deliver revenue sooner or a discrete training program for a specific meeting, Cumby Consulting will deliver highly strategic, efficient programs with uncompromising standards of quality.