• October 26, 2022

    43 | Putting Yourself in the Learner’s Shoes

    with Liz & Rachel

    When was the last time you attended an all-day training? This can be a great way to put yourself in your learners' shoes as you work to understand why pre-work doesn't get done, why last minute dropouts might be necessary, and why every training should allow for movement and a variety of activities.

  • October 19, 2022

    42 | Elevating Yourself & Speaking to Executives

    with Liz & Rachel

    You're more than a meeting planner. Even though you know this is true, you need to be intentional about communicating your value and the value of your training programs to senior leadership.

  • October 12, 2022

    41 | Investing in Yourself

    with Liz & Rachel

    Taking dedicated time away will save you time and reap great benefits for your organization.

  • October 5, 2022

    40 | What is TrainSmart?


    Where do you go when you need a training resource or idea? Do you have a list of others in the industry who can help you at any time? That's the beauty of the TrainSmart community. TrainSmart is an authentic, tight-knit community of medical device educators to support your growth and development-both professionally & personally.

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